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At Delgado Auto Repiar we carry out a wide variety of services to help the drivers of West Michigan. From repairing mufflers and exhaust systems, to ensuring your vehicle meets emission regulations, through to the replacement of a/c parts, faulty radiators, brake parts, and suspension parts. If you need front end work done, we provide a computerized wheel alignment service, and we will check all the moving parts to make sure none are worn out.

Among the other services we provide are transmission flushes, transmission repair, general maintenance, tire service, oil change, auto inspections, tune-ups, diagnostics, body work, and more. We send maintenance reminders and can schedule by email or phone. We will work on all makes and models, whether they are domestic or foreign. As an established business in Brooklyn, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Brake Repair

We only use the highest quality parts to replace brake components such as pads and calipers that are worn out or faulty. Among the signs that the brakes need to be checked include a squeaking noise and sponginess when you press down on the brake pedal.

Front End Work

A vehicle will need wheel alignment work carried out if either of the two front wheels are off, and if the steering wheel is pulling to one side.


Shocks and struts are vital components on a suspension system, and if they become worn or fail, they have to be replaced immediately. If you hear noises coming from the suspension area, if your car feels bouncy when driving, or if the handling is not right, then a suspension repair may be needed.


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